the dark side of success ftarri collection hanno leichtmann: minimal studies here comes the sun ekkehard ehlers: adikai echtzeit 3cd compilation the sacrifice for the music became our lifestyle echtzeitmusik book sleepless I feel less Microton CD5_6 Musik - Ein Portrait in Sehnsucht 333 Manual CD 2 Rebecca CD 2 till my breath gives out Japan Improv Berlin Extra mainstream first time ever i saw your face going round in serpentines horn_bill stand clear no furniture labor cd rebecca berlin reeds
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absolute albums:

the international nothing: the dark side of success
cd/lp | ftarri, tokyo 06/2014

here comes the sun
cd | mikroton, moscow 12/2012

the dogmatics: the sacrifice for the music became our lifestyle
lp | monotype, warsaw 06/2012

the magic i.d.: i'm so awake/sleepless i feel
cd/lp/dl | staubgold, berlin 05/2011

the international nothing: less action, less excitement, less everything
cd/lp | ftarri, tokyo 05/2010

burkhard stangl & kai fagaschinski: musik - ein porträt in sehnsucht
cd | erstwhile, jersey city 10/2009

the magic i.d.: till my breath gives out
cd/lp | erstwhile, jersey city 02/2008

the international nothing: mainstream
cd | ftarri, tokyo 11/2006

kommando raumschiff zitrone: first time i ever saw your face
cd | quincunx, london 09/2006

kai fagaschinski & bernhard gal: going round in serpentines
cd | charhizma, berlin 12/2005

los glissandinos: stand clear (sold out)
cd | creative sources, lisbon 06/2005

no furniture
cd | creative sources, lisbon 01/2004

rebecca [two variations]
cd | charhizma, berlin 09/2003

compilations, special editions & guest contributions:

ftarri collection
(incl. live sets from tokyo by los glissandinos and dörner/fagaschinski/noid/unami)
7cds box | ftarri, tokyo 12/2013

hanno leichtmann: minimal studies
(kai is lending his clarinet on three tracks)
cd | mikroton, moscow 01/2013

ekkehard ehlers: adikia
(kai is part of a virtual 6-piece ensemble piece created by ekkehard ehlers)
cd/lp/dl | staubgold, berlin 12/2012

echtzeitmusik berlin - cd
(3cd compilation, incl. tracks by the magic i.d. and splitter orchester)
3cd | mikroton, moscow 07/2012

echtzeitmusik berlin - book
(bilingual 416 page book, incl. kai's article about the first 10 years of the international nothing
book | wolke verlag, hofheim 09/2011 10 jahre bessere farben
(2cd compilation, incl. one track by los glissandinos and one miniatur by the magic i.d.)
2cd | mikroton, moscow 12/2009

ekkehard ehlers & paul wirkus: ballads
(kai is guesting on some tracks - nice album! it's a shame that it's only digitally available)
dl | staubgold digital, berlin 04/2009

relay : archieve 2007 - 2008
(2cd compilation, incl. one track by choi joonyong/kai fagaschinski/hong chulki)
2cd | manual, seoul 03/2009

rebecca: variation no. 12
(limited cd-r release)
cd-r | esquilo records, porto 12/2008

improvised music from japan extra 2006
special berlin issue

(book + 2cd compilation, incl. tracks by kommando raumschiff zitrone and kalkül & leidenschaft, and an interview with kai)
2cd & book | improvised music from japan, tokyo 12/2006

horn_bill - reed solos
(solos by john butcher, nathaniel catchpole, lou gare, kai fagaschinski, evan parker, and seymour wright)
2cd | matchless recordings, essex 07/2005

labor-cd – labor sonor / kule / berlin
(compilation including one track by kai fagaschinski & michael thieke)
2cd | charhizma, berlin 10/2003

berlin reeds (sold out)
(solos by alessandro bosetti, kai fagaschinski, gregor hotz, and rudi mahall)
4cd-r | absinthrecords, berlin 04/2003