the dark side of success

:.:k:a:i:.:.:f:a:g:a:s:c:h:i:n:s:k:i:.: (c(l(a(r(i(n(e(t( . )))))

the international nothing
t h e  d a r k  s i d e  o f  s u c c e s s
ftarri 219
(release date: 06/2014)

the international nothing:
kai fagaschinski, clarinet (right)
michael thieke, clarinet (left)

1. empty your pockets 3'55
2. beat 'em all 13'08
3. deepwater horizon 6'23
4. lebensverlängernde maßnahmen 11'20
5. pop music 3'20
6. lost and found and lost again 8'31

all compositions by kai fagaschinski (akm) & michael thieke (gema), 2010 - 2013.
recorded by michael at ausland, berlin, september 19th to 22nd, 2013.
mixed by michael and kai from november 2013 to january 2014.
mastered by werner dafeldecker in berlin in february 2014.
cover designed by tanabemse.
supported by ske/austro mechana.
thanks to ausland, tanabemse, roy, nils, wener and ekki.