burkhard, kai, kuh (7)

musik - ein porträt in sehnsucht
:.:k:a:i:.:.:f:a:g:a:s:c:h:i:n:s:k:i:.: (c(l(a(r(i(n(e(t( . )))))

m u s i k kai fagaschinski (berlin) | clarinet
burkhard stangl (vienna) | guitars & devices

even though doctor burkhard stangl and commander kai fagaschinski are closely associated with musik 2, they have always been big lovers of musik. in their recent work they are not denying their musik 2-roots, but you will hear their affinity for musik. the duo's aim is to bring these two diverse poles of showbiz together to show people: it‘s all one thing - forget about musik!
their musical and personal affection goes back to 2002, when burkhard and kai meet for the first time in berlin. (burkhard realized his opera-project venusmond and kai had been a member of the ensemble.)
the collaboration as a duo started in 2004. since then they played very rarely & exclusively concerts in berlin (amplify festival), vienna (dessous shop boudoir) and new york (erstquake festival), but for now their main thing is to work withdrawn on duo compositions for their own and unique musical languages. the results of their intimate research will be released under the title musik - ein porträt in sehnsucht, in repect to the wonderful german singer alexandra (1942-1969). the album has been released by erstwhile records on october 16th, 2009.