kai backstage
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kai fagaschinski clarinetist | composer/performer | nightwatch
* 6.10.1974 in dannenberg/elbe (d)

the berlin-based clarinetist and composer/performer focuses on a subtle musicality of sound and noise phenomena. as an autodidact he has developed dubious manners on his instrument. as a natural-born abstract he includes an insidious expressivity and a pre-melodic quality to his music. he operates in both systems: composition and improvisation. his preference are long-term collaborations at eye level - no leaders, no sidemen, no assholes.

his bands are the international nothing - clarinet duo with michael thieke, the dogmatics - acoustic piano/clarinet duo with chris abrahams, the magic i.d. - song project with margareth kammerer, christof kurzmann & michael thieke, the elks - electro-acoustic chaos troop with liz allbee, billy roisz & marta zapparoli, schall und rausch mit johan arrias, axel dörner & tisha mukarji, los glissandinos with klaus filip (sine waves), musik - duo with burkhard stangl, the brothers grim - experimental song project with seamus cater, splitter orchester - berlin's 24-piece echtzeitmusik orchestra, here comes the sun with gunter schneider & barbara romen, kommando raumschiff zitrone with christof kurzmann, rebecca with michael renkel, and (exceptionally) solo.

he performed his music in austria, belgium, canada, china, czech republic, denmark, england, finland, france, germany, italy, ireland, japan, korea, netherlands, norway, poland, portugal, russia, slovenia, spain, sweden, switzerland and u.s.a., including concerts at amplify (berlin 2004), angelica festival (bologna 2008), art center nabi (seoul 2008), audio poverty (berlin 2009), borealis festival (bergen 2014), donaueschinger musiktage (donaueschingen 2007), erstquake (new york 2006), experimental intermedia (new york 2009), festival international de musique actuelle de victoriaville (2015), ftarri festival (tokyo & kyoto 2008 & 2015), gateway to oblivion (montreal 2007), huddersfield contemporary music festival (2015), internationale ferienkurse für neue musik (darmstadt 2012), interface (berlin 2007), jazz a mulhouse / meteo festival (mulhouse 2007 & 2012), jazzfest berlin (2015), kaleidophon (ulrichsberg 2008), klangspuren (schwaz 2015), klangwerkstatt (berlin 2003 & 2012), konfrontationen (nickelsdorf 2004, 2008, 2011 & 2016), liebesliederwettbewerb (berlin 2004), maerzmusik (berlin 2009 & 2014), miji festival (beijing & shanghai 2013), musee d'art moderne et contemporain (strasbourg 2007 & 2008), music lovers' field companion (newcastle 2007), music unlimited (wels 2006, 2012, 2015 & 2016), musikprotokoll (graz 2005, 2008 & 2015), musiques innovatrices (saint-etienne 2007 & 2010), renaissance society (chicago 2006), seattle improvised music festival (seattle 2009), serralves em festa (porto 2010), taktlos festival (zürich 2012), teatro fondamenta nuove (venice 2007), tonart (bern 2005), transart (bolzano 2015), turning sounds (warsaw 2005), uchiage! (berlin & vienna 2004), your hitparade (vancouver 2009), etc.

kai has been the commander of raumschiff zitrone from 2000 to 2006, joined by christof kurzmann in 2002. recently both commanders have been retired and closed the legendary raumschiff zitrone which has presented concerts of countless international artists. in 2001 he co-initiated together with gregor hotz and conrad noack berlin‘s experimental music platform www.echtzeitmusik.de.

kai was artist-in-residense at quartier21 (part of museumsquartierwien, vienna) in 2004. as a result of fruitful collaborations and good friendships vienna feels like a second home for him.

for his more pop-related works please check this website: www.kylie.com